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Who We Are?

The company, established in 2016 and based in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE), brings together highly experienced specialist, institutional and business collaborators, from the fields of sports medicine, sports and exercise sciences, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and dietetics. We deliver exceptional consultancy services to the highest of standards. Our experience includes working with Olympic Gold Winning and World Champion athletes, international teams, governmental institutions, educational authorities and corporate organisations.

Alongside this, our specialists continue to publish in globally leading peer-reviewed publications and continue to have a presence in international media including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), New York Times and Special Broadcasting Services Australia (SBS), amongst others.

Our consultants continue to work alongside governments and with various leading sports, health and science-focused organisations from across the globe. Equally, we are very passionate about helping everyone with their health and fitness related goals – whether that be helping with getting that personal best time or helping a client make lifestyle changes to improve his, or her, health and fitness level. For all our clients - First Performance Consultancy's unique and tailored approach guarantees solutions based on proven science and research, globally leading expertise whilst also ensuring capability and knowledge transfer.

What We Do?

We are a pure consultancy. We are not a facility or place – we are effectively the brains and your advice to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. We have agreements with top laboratories, clinics, institutions and organisations, who we collaborate with, to provide you with the most effective solutions to your health and fitness needs. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to health and physical performance where we consider all possible avenues, and seek opinions from various experts, to tailor make a solution just for you! We focus on three key areas:

Health and Well-being

We are passionate about your health. We want to help you make those sustainable lifestyle changes that will help improve your health and fitness levels whilst also enjoying life!

Sports and Occupational

We take sport and occupational fitness very seriously. We want to help you, your team or your organization, be confident in the fact that you, or your staff, are fit for purpose and are reaching your true potential. We will help the athlete achieve that personal best and we will help ensure the employee is fit for the job, but we also will look at the bigger picture such as reducing the risk of injury along the journey.

Education & Research

A key philosophy of ours is 'knowledge transfer' as we believe that this is a key ingredient to helping you succeed. Working with the best brains, the latest research, applying best practices and carrying out our own 'hand-on' data collection and research studies – we can always guarantee the most accurate and tailored solutions to your needs.

We Can Provide You

We can help you with your well-being, medical and physical fitness needs. We use the latest, and most effective, approaches in sports medicine, sports and exercise sciences, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and dietetics to help you improve your health, reduce injury risk and enhance your physical and mental performance levels.

We collaborate with the best minds, medical facilities and organizations to make sure our clients get top-level advice and services they deserve.

Some of our approaches below:


We provide health and fitness testing – both out in the field or laboratory.

Body Composition Profiling
Lactate Thresholds
Fat and Carbohydrate Utilisation
Motion / Gait Analysis
Muscle EMG (i.e. nerves) Analysis.
Foot Pressure Analysis
Wearable Sensor Analysis Including GPS Analytics
3D Posture Analysis
Muscle Strength, Power and Speed Isokinetic Testing
Hydration Status and Sweat Analysis
Salivary Analysis


We provide health and fitness medicals – both out in the field or laboratory.

Cardiology (exercise tolerance testing, echocardiograms and ECG)
Orthopaedics (musculo-skeletal injuries)
Medical Scanning (x-ray, MRI and musculo-skeletal ultrasound)
Blood Tests. Please see our FPC Performance Haematology concept.


We provide health and fitness coaching.

Coaching / Training Sessions (in your own home or as part of a team)
Training Plans (based on heart rate zones, pace/watts and your training/race schedule)
Nutrition Plans (based on your everyday diet with our recommendations)
Environmental Conditioning (preparing you for those extreme temperatures or high altitude)

What Is The Aim Of FPC Performance Haematology Profiling?

Normal fatigue is typically the type of fatigue experienced after physical effort and one usually effectively recovers from this over a shorter period of time (24-72 hours). However, as examples, if workloads are too high and/or recovery strategies not effective enough this can lead to abnormal fatigue which, in turn, can lead to insufficient recovery, poorer physical performance and a higher injury risk.

What Assessments
Do We Do?

What You Will Receive?

Four, eight Week-based Training Plan Duration Options
Tailored Programmes based on your test results, goals and individual time schedule
Continued Support via Email, Phone & Whatsapp Messaging.

Cardiovascular Fitness
Training Plan

Tailored Training Intensity Zones:
Heart Rate, Running Speed/Pacing, Cycling Power (Watts), RPE.
Tailored day-by-day.
See example.

Strength &
Conditioning / Weight
Training Plan

Muscle Group Exercise Equivalences (free-weight / machine-based / bodyweight-based)
Easy to follow colour coded ‘Combo Sets’ with clear instructions.
See example.

Our Partners / Features

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Advisory Panel of Consultants

  • Dr. Andy White PhD

    Andy is a professional and engaging individual with experience across a vast number of sports including athletics, boxing, rugby and soccer, and athletes including Paralympic, Winter Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallists. A previous international athlete who understands the complexities of the sporting landscape including institutes of sport, governing bodies, academia and professional sport. Whilst being an applied practitioner he is a consultant for national governing bodies and continues to publish at academic conferences and in academic journals. Andy is a PhD level specialist in sports science and strength and conditioning, currently working with a professional football team. His areas of expertise include programming and planning, athlete training monitoring and gym training.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Kevin Serre PhD

    Kevin is a passionate individual who brings an extensive level of experience, having worked with individuals ranging from professional athletes to elite-level special forces operators for over ten years. Previously having completed a MSc in strength and conditioning and PhD in exercise science, he currently is active as the provincial director for the NSCA and a reviewer for the NSCA’s tactical sStrength and conditioning (TSAC) report while working as the performance lead for a Canadian Special Forces Unit. Areas of Interest include occupational and corporate health and performance, sport-specific and physical performance testing and development, resilience development, health and physical education, policy, applied physiology, sports science, research.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Kenny McMillan PhD in Sports Physiology

    Kenny has gained seventeen years experience in high level professional football. His career has taken him all over the world, working at Champions League level football and the 2010 World Cup with the NZ National Team. He continues to work with elite football players, and also shares an interest in data management and analytics as well as strategy, management and emotional Intelligence research. His areas of interest include strategy, leadership and management, emotional intelligence, strength and endurance interventions, sports technology, data analytics.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Carlos González Haro PhD

    Carlos has a multisport experience. Currently more focused in professional football where he has been able to won two Emirates Cups as sport scientist, also with experience at Europa League and Spanish La Liga, as a physical coach and sport scientist. He also has managed Olympic triathletes and professional cyclists providing performance support as a coach and physiologist. Carlos has been able even provided physiological support to some Olympic athletes in other disciplines such as athletics and swimming. He has worked also as researcher at university level and he continues to publish in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Ramzy Ross PhD

    Ramzy is a dynamic and innovative individual with experiences in applying the principles of physiology and exercise sciences to help individuals reap the benefits of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle approach. A graduate from the University of Glasgow (UK), he has extensive experiences from supporting Olympic Gold Winning and World Champion athletes and continues to publish in globally leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (American College of Sports Medicine). Ramzy has also featured in various global media outlets including the New York Times, Special Broadcasting Services Australia and Dubai One TV.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Chris McLellan PhD, MPhty

    Chris is an international leader in applied sports science research and athlete preparation working concurrently in academic and professional sporting team environments. He is a Masters level specialist in musculoskeletal and sports specific injury rehabilitation and has experience in service delivery and support of elite and professional athletes and sports teams. Chris brings a unique and diversified skill set to the performance and corporate environment with over twenty years experience working with elite sports teams in Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA. A prolific researcher, author and performance specialist he continues to publish in respected international peer reviewed scientific journals and present at international strength and conditioning, sports performance and sports medicine conferences.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Mark Bellamy PhD

    Mark is a PhD level chartered psychologist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society. A member of a number of Cross Parliamentary groups on fitness and health for young people and has authored a book chapter, and co-authored a report, into Physical Education in the UK for the British Government. Dr. Bellamy is continually active in the support and development of sports-people, and the military, with over twenty five years experience behind him. His particular interests are in the psychology of injury and has worked closely with injury teams at UK: athletics, premiership football and the physical training core of the British Army.

    Sample Publications

  • Kate Bridle BSc, RPSGT

    Kate is a highly accomplished and experienced, RPSGT registered, polysomnographer with in-depth knowledge of the full range of sleep disorders and diagnostic procedures required in sleep medicine (both adult and paediatric). With twelve years clinical experience in the UKs largest sleep disorder clinic and at her current clinic the London Sleep Centre Dubai, Kate is a leader in her field, having trained physicians and technicians from across the globe in the set-up and interpretation of diagnostic polysomnography. She has appeared in numerous National publications across the UAE such as The National and 7 days.

    Sample Publications / Talks / Presentations

  • Alan H.

    Throughout his twenty-seven year military career Alan led several key projects to improve the operational effectiveness of the British Army and wider Defence efforts. With proven leadership, management and communication skills he led talented teams to add value to key training delivery, medical rehabilitation processes and policy direction. With a broad portfolio of experience he worked with several internal organisations to improve physical performance outputs, testing batteries and resilience to injury.

    Sample Publications

  • Omar Al Duri

    Omar Al Duri has been recognized throughout the UAE for his passion for football. An integral part of the Ghana U-20 African Nations and World Cup squads, he has had the opportunity to work with high level athletes on the World’s biggest stages. His vast international experience in conjunction with various local achievements and an effortless ability to motivate, have aided his craft of developing both professional footballers and the local community. Achievements such as Sport 360 Coach/Teacher of the Year (2014), Ahlan! Hot 100 People (2012), and Shape Middle East Trainer of the Year (2011) have helped Omar to influence those around him. His positive and charismatic personality continues to reflect brightly through his coaching, as his women’s team currently competes in the UAE’s Women’s Professional League. Omar plans to use his experience and methods to transform the way the region views sports specific training.

    Sample Publications

  • Nairn Scobie MSc in Human Nutrition with a Specialisation in Sports Nutrition, University of Glasgow

    Nairn is a passionate and professional academic and practitioner. Having played field hockey at a high standard himself, his knowledge of the sport combined with his academic background led him to be the lead Sports Scientist for the Scottish Men’s Senior Hockey team. His research interests include the use of novel nutritional strategies to enhance sporting performance. He currently provides support to marathon/ultramarathon runners competing in extreme environments and is experienced in developing nutritional strategies and acclimation procedures for competition in the heat, cold and altitude. Areas of expertise include athlete training and match monitoring (including Playertek GPS), the use of supplements in sport and preparation of athletes for competition in extreme environments.

    Sample Publications

  • Dr. Colin Shepherd PhD

    Colin is a driven and successful individual who enjoys problem solving and challenges. Academic research experience in top UK Russell Group institutions: Department of Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology at the University of Glasgow, and Institute of Cellular Medicine and Northern Institute for Cancer Research at Newcastle University. Continues to publish in leading scientific journals and has a broad but detailed understanding of scientific subjects. A wealth of experience in all stages of manuscript preparation and the peer-review process leading to publication.

    Sample Publications

  • Scobie,N.,Leishman,A. & Aitchison,T.(2014) The comparison of coconut water, sports drink and plain water on rehydration and potential for endurance based performance. Journal of Sports Sciences, 32(Supp.2), s78-s86.
  • ICSEMIS Olympic Conference, Glasgow, UK. Presented research: Passive or Active Recovery for boxers.
  • Scobie N, Dunlop G & Anderson K. (2008). Punch acceleration and oxygen consumption. Journal of Sports Sciences, 26(1), S57.
  • Final year research project, 2005 “The Prefrontal Cortex: Effects of a novel day out on a night time Slow Wave Sleep Activity”
  • Speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, 2014 “Diagnostic Monitoring of Airflow during Polysomnography – Thermistor vs Pressure”
  • Presented at the Neuroscience Update Congress, Dubai, 2016 “The importance of Sleep in Children”
  • Sandercock, Gavin and Alibrahim, Mohammed and Bellamy, Mark (2016) 'Media device ownership and media use: Associations with sedentary time, physical activity and fitness in English youth.' Preventive Medicine Reports. ISSN 2211-3355
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  • Rewrote the British Army’s phase one physical development programme (2013)
  • Reviewed the British Army’s Physical Training Instructor education framework (2015)
  • Principe advisor to the Afghan National Army Officer Academy’s physical training wing (2014)
  • Principle designer: British Army’s 100% Army Fit Application (App) for mobile technology (2013)
  • Co-authored - Strength and Conditioning for British Soldiers – Journal of Strength and Conditioning (2016)